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Public Records Board

Electronic Records ARE Public Records_1r71vtf5.pdfElectronic Records ARE Public Records_1r71vtf51/7/2016 12:00 AMPhil Fantin
Public Records_1r71vtdv.pdfPublic Records_1r71vtdv1/6/2016 11:59 PMElizabeth Kruck
PUBLIC RECORDS_1r71vtcn.pdfPUBLIC RECORDS_1r71vtcn1/6/2016 11:58 PMGary Long
FW_ Pulbic Records Vote on Electronic Communicat_1r71vtc0.pdfFW_ Pulbic Records Vote on Electronic Communicat_1r71vtc01/6/2016 11:58 PMKathy Glander
I disagree with with changing the definition of _1r71vtbl.pdfI disagree with with changing the definition of _1r71vtbl1/6/2016 11:58 PMDan Derge
Electronic records_1r71vt8p.pdfElectronic records_1r71vt8p1/6/2016 11:56 PMCarole Kane
public access to WI goveernment electronic recor_1r71vt7p.pdfpublic access to WI goveernment electronic recor_1r71vt7p1/6/2016 11:56 PMTimothy Collins
Restore Access to Public Records_1r71vt5s.pdfRestore Access to Public Records_1r71vt5s1/6/2016 11:55 PMKathleen Kirchhoff
Public Records_1r71vt2t.pdfPublic Records_1r71vt2t1/6/2016 11:53
Open records of electronic records_1r71vt0k.pdfOpen records of electronic records_1r71vt0k1/6/2016 11:52 PMoakrosefarm
Public records_1r71vsvm.pdfPublic records_1r71vsvm1/6/2016 11:51 PMPeggy Ruetz
OPEN RECORDS_1r71vsvf.pdfOPEN RECORDS_1r71vsvf1/6/2016 11:51
Do not limit public access to state records_1r71vst7.pdfDo not limit public access to state records_1r71vst71/6/2016 11:50 PMSteven Schellin
Open Records_1r71vsrj.pdfOpen Records_1r71vsrj1/6/2016 11:49 PMDan Ryan
Open records_1r71vsqe.pdfOpen records_1r71vsqe1/6/2016 11:49 PMMary Carlstedt
Re_ Access limitations to public records_1r71vsee.pdfRe_ Access limitations to public records_1r71vsee1/6/2016 11:42 PMBrian Heikenen
Open Records_1r71vsea.pdfOpen Records_1r71vsea1/6/2016 11:42 PMDan Ryan
Public records_1r71vsdh.pdfPublic records_1r71vsdh1/6/2016 11:42 PMMartiann Schiele
Open Records_1r71vs8t.pdfOpen Records_1r71vs8t1/6/2016 11:39 PMHoward Goldstein
comment on public records access_1r71vs8k.pdfcomment on public records access_1r71vs8k1/6/2016 11:39
limits to public access _1r71vs1j.pdflimits to public access _1r71vs1j1/6/2016 11:35 PMsus703
Rescind  action to limit access to text messages_1r71vs0b.pdfRescind action to limit access to text messages_1r71vs0b1/6/2016 11:35 PMSandy Byrne
Transitory Record Retention_1r71vrti.pdfTransitory Record Retention_1r71vrti1/6/2016 11:33 PMJohn and Joanne Heup
Keeping Open Records Access in Wisconsin_1r71vrsd.pdfKeeping Open Records Access in Wisconsin_1r71vrsd1/6/2016 11:33 PMAnnie Melchior
We need open records for government_1r71vrrd.pdfWe need open records for government_1r71vrrd1/6/2016 11:32 PMMatt Duma
Rescind Action Taken in August of 2015 to Redefi_1r71vrq9.pdfRescind Action Taken in August of 2015 to Redefi_1r71vrq91/6/2016 11:31 PMJanet Carlson
Electronic records_1r71vro4.pdfElectronic records_1r71vro41/6/2016 11:30 PMchrisstraw
Recind Recent Action_1r71vreq.pdfRecind Recent Action_1r71vreq1/6/2016 11:25 PMDon Devona
Electronic Public Records Belong to Citizens_1r71vrbn.pdfElectronic Public Records Belong to Citizens_1r71vrbn1/6/2016 11:24
Public Records_1r71vr68.pdfPublic Records_1r71vr681/6/2016 11:21 PMRichard Whalen
Limit access to public records_1r71vr2b.pdfLimit access to public records_1r71vr2b1/6/2016 11:19
Transitory records_1r71vr1i.pdfTransitory records_1r71vr1i1/6/2016 11:18 PMMaureen Opper
Pubic Records Board Comments_1r71vr0d.pdfPubic Records Board Comments_1r71vr0d1/6/2016 11:18 PMDaniel Burkholder
_1r71vqvm.pdf_1r71vqvm1/6/2016 11:17 PMLori Baldwin
Electronic Records_1r71vqur.pdfElectronic Records_1r71vqur1/6/2016 11:17 PMHana P
Fwd_ Protect access to government records_1r71vqsk.pdfFwd_ Protect access to government records_1r71vqsk1/6/2016 11:16 PMWesley Van Linda
Public Records__1r71vqpd.pdfPublic Records__1r71vqpd1/6/2016 11:14 PMVic & Carolyn Vargo
Limiting Electronic records_1r71vqp6.pdfLimiting Electronic records_1r71vqp61/6/2016 11:14 PMKristine Bloechl
_1r71vqk6.pdf_1r71vqk61/6/2016 11:11 PMAndra Chumas
Keep Public Records Public_1r71vqk1.pdfKeep Public Records Public_1r71vqk11/6/2016 11:11
Change in Definition of Transitory Records Made _1r71vqjc.pdfChange in Definition of Transitory Records Made _1r71vqjc1/6/2016 11:11 PMDan Bucks
Fw_ You have until midnight tonite to send a let_1r71vqhk.pdfFw_ You have until midnight tonite to send a let_1r71vqhk1/6/2016 11:10 PMJOE LYNDE
Electronic Communications Recordes_1r71vqfg.pdfElectronic Communications Recordes_1r71vqfg1/6/2016 11:09 PMPhyllis Lardinois
Electronic records_1r71vq9o.pdfElectronic records_1r71vq9o1/6/2016 11:06 PMTim Sumiec
Fwd_ Electronic records belong to citizens_1r71vq9g.pdfFwd_ Electronic records belong to citizens_1r71vq9g1/6/2016 11:05 PMDeanna Wilinski
Re_  Keep all records_ keep all records availabl_1r71vq8o.pdfRe_ Keep all records_ keep all records availabl_1r71vq8o1/6/2016 11:05 PMGreg Bird
Fwd_ Stop taking away our right to open records_1r71vq87.pdfFwd_ Stop taking away our right to open records_1r71vq871/6/2016 11:05 PMAndrea Burkholder
Public records are Public_1r71vq80.pdfPublic records are Public_1r71vq801/6/2016 11:05 PMLinda Lea Evans
Public Records_1r71vq4k.pdfPublic Records_1r71vq4k1/6/2016 11:03 PMArvilla Rank
Open Records Law_1r71vq4i.pdfOpen Records Law_1r71vq4i1/6/2016 11:03 PMJeff & Cindy Schave
Changes in Public Records_1r71vq4f.pdfChanges in Public Records_1r71vq4f1/6/2016 11:03 PMHerbert Grospitz
Comment re Public Records_1r71vq41.pdfComment re Public Records_1r71vq411/6/2016 11:02 PMSally Vaza
Open Records_1r71vq3v.pdfOpen Records_1r71vq3v1/6/2016 11:02
Access to electronic records of public employees_1r71vq3c.pdfAccess to electronic records of public employees_1r71vq3c1/6/2016 11:02 PMDaryl Wunrow
Restriction on public access to electronic commu_1r71vq29.pdfRestriction on public access to electronic commu_1r71vq291/6/2016 11:02 PMsusan putra
January 11_ 2016 meeting_ transitory records cla_1r71vq1d.pdfJanuary 11_ 2016 meeting_ transitory records cla_1r71vq1d1/6/2016 11:01 PMJim l
electronic records_1r71vq12.pdfelectronic records_1r71vq121/6/2016 11:01 PMJames Goetz
Electronic Records_1r71vq0s.pdfElectronic Records_1r71vq0s1/6/2016 11:01 PMDickx3
Electronic Records_1r71vq0i.pdfElectronic Records_1r71vq0i1/6/2016 11:01 PMCarol Waldvogel
Electronic records_1r71vq0f.pdfElectronic records_1r71vq0f1/6/2016 11:01 PMbill majhenich
Rescind_1r71vpvn.pdfRescind_1r71vpvn1/6/2016 11:00 PMRick Kirby
Keep public records public!_1r71vpv5.pdfKeep public records public!_1r71vpv51/6/2016 11:00 PMPatricia Sadowski
Public records_1r71vps3.pdfPublic records_1r71vps31/6/2016 10:58 PMSteve Dellenbach
Public Records Board comment_1r71vpqa.pdfPublic Records Board comment_1r71vpqa1/6/2016 10:57 PMCarole Poth
Regarding the Public Records Board meeting on Au_1r71vppt.pdfRegarding the Public Records Board meeting on Au_1r71vppt1/6/2016 10:57 PMJames Paradowski
Rescind your action_1r71vpm0.pdfRescind your action_1r71vpm01/6/2016 10:55 PMMary Ann Johnson
Transitory Records_1r71vplt.pdfTransitory Records_1r71vplt1/6/2016 10:55 PMDaryl Wood
_1r71vpl8.pdf_1r71vpl81/6/2016 10:55 PMPamela Alcala
Electronic Records_1r71vpjf.pdfElectronic Records_1r71vpjf1/6/2016 10:54 PMJohn Gallam
Public Records_1r71vph1.pdfPublic Records_1r71vph11/6/2016 10:52 PMOrchard Utzinger
Open electronic records_1r71vpem.pdfOpen electronic records_1r71vpem1/6/2016 10:51 PMDot Spransy
Electronic Records_1r71vpe2.pdfElectronic Records_1r71vpe21/6/2016 10:51 PMEmily Digaudio
Wisconsin Public Needs Access To ALL Public Reco_1r71vpcj.pdfWisconsin Public Needs Access To ALL Public Reco_1r71vpcj1/6/2016 10:50 PMMTARRANT
Public comment on state open records _transitory_1r71vpc0.pdfPublic comment on state open records _transitory_1r71vpc01/6/2016 10:50 PMJennifer Pfaff
Fwd_ Electronic records do belong to citizens!_1r71vpbl.pdfFwd_ Electronic records do belong to citizens!_1r71vpbl1/6/2016 10:49 PMMarcia Corner
Electronic_ Records_1r71vpbd.pdfElectronic_ Records_1r71vpbd1/6/2016 10:49 PMMark Wildish
Comment on access to electronic records_1r71vpar.pdfComment on access to electronic records_1r71vpar1/6/2016 10:49
Rescind Public Record Restriction_1r71vpai.pdfRescind Public Record Restriction_1r71vpai1/6/2016 10:49 PMLorraine Jacobs
Public Records_1r71vpa1.pdfPublic Records_1r71vpa11/6/2016 10:49
Keeping communication records of all formats ope_1r71vp9h.pdfKeeping communication records of all formats ope_1r71vp9h1/6/2016 10:48 PMJsterenfam
Concern about government transparancy_1r71vp7b.pdfConcern about government transparancy_1r71vp7b1/6/2016 10:47 PMCharlotte Hall
Communications by public employees_1r71vp6f.pdfCommunications by public employees_1r71vp6f1/6/2016 10:47 PMFrederick Bell
Transitory electronic communications__1r71vp5v.pdfTransitory electronic communications__1r71vp5v1/6/2016 10:46 PME. Jankowski-Biggers
Open Government_1r71vp5n.pdfOpen Government_1r71vp5n1/6/2016 10:46
do not make _transitory records_ exempt from fre_1r71vp3o.pdfdo not make _transitory records_ exempt from fre_1r71vp3o1/6/2016 10:45 PMPatricia Ryan
Electronic records and public access_1r71vp0d.pdfElectronic records and public access_1r71vp0d1/6/2016 10:43
Transitory records_1r71vou8.pdfTransitory records_1r71vou81/6/2016 10:42 PMdderge
Electronic Records Belong to Citizens_1r71votg.pdfElectronic Records Belong to Citizens_1r71votg1/6/2016 10:42 PMReal Estate Appraisal Services II
Public Records_1r71vost.pdfPublic Records_1r71vost1/6/2016 10:42 PMLynn Abel
public records_1r71vosg.pdfpublic records_1r71vosg1/6/2016 10:41 PMShirley Haugse
electronic records_1r71vork.pdfelectronic records_1r71vork1/6/2016 10:41 PMBrad Johnson
Electronic records access_1r71voqo.pdfElectronic records access_1r71voqo1/6/2016 10:40 PMDonna
Open Records Law of Wisconsin_1r71vopr.pdfOpen Records Law of Wisconsin_1r71vopr1/6/2016 10:40 PMReg Jungwirth
Keep Public Records Public_1r71vopk.pdfKeep Public Records Public_1r71vopk1/6/2016 10:40 PMMary Nold-Klett
Keep Public Records Public _1r71vooo.pdfKeep Public Records Public _1r71vooo1/6/2016 10:39 PMMarlene Jaglinski
Public Records Board_1r71vooc.pdfPublic Records Board_1r71vooc1/6/2016 10:39 PMSusan Godfrey
Open Records_1r71vona.pdfOpen Records_1r71vona1/6/2016 10:39 PMMarianne Walsh
Oppose limiting access to public records_1r71von1.pdfOppose limiting access to public records_1r71von11/6/2016 10:38 PMLynn Charnitz
Access to Public Records_1r71vomq.pdfAccess to Public Records_1r71vomq1/6/2016 10:38 PMLinda Schmidt
Keep All Public Records Public_1r71volh.pdfKeep All Public Records Public_1r71volh1/6/2016 10:38 PMJoan Maas
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